Champagne & SEKT

All Sekt and Sparkling wines have been bottle fermented in the traditional classic method and hand riddled.

APL El Verde - Apple Beer + SEKT Sparkling Wine
A refreshing composition
Kir la Rouge - SEKT & Kirsch Bier
A blend of Neuzeller Cherry Beer and SEKT Sparkling Wine
Anselmann Riesling brut Sekt - 2007
Produced in the traditional Champagne style and taste like one, with its pleasant fruity note
Anselmann Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé brut - 2004
Balanced, full bodied refreshing and invigorating Rosé SEKT
Anselmann Dornfelder Sekt - 2007
This Dornfelder Sekt stands out for its-fine and long lasting mousse