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German Bier Warehouse is the UK largest online store for Germany's most premium beer. We stock beers from the following breweries: Einbecker Brauerei - Ur-Bock, Mai Ur-Bock and Pils. BIO Organic Brewery, Neumakter Lammsbräu  - Edelpils, Urstoff, Weissbier, Gluten-free beer and Alcohol Free. Kloster Brauerei Neuzelle - Anti-Aging beer, Cherry beer, Apple beer, Bockbier, Porter, Potato beer, Asparagus beer and Schwazer Abt. From the Kloster Brauerei Weltenburger, we sock the Urtyp, Hefe & Dunkel Weissbier, Asam Bock, Anno 1050 and Barock beers. 
We also fie wines from some of Germany fine wineries and all arounfd the world. You can find from our store, wines from France, Argentina, South Africa, Spain, Australia, the USA and Chile